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  • 16 December 2017
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From the various threads/posts, here on the Webroot Forums, I know MBAM 3 Premium runs alongside WSA nicely (at least I think so).  But for this post... I've been debating whether or not to finally buy into MBAM Premium.  $40 per year seems kinda steep for something that could be obsolete or bested by a competing product in 6 months.  So, is the Premium really all that much better OR  should I just stick with the on-demand free version?  Any experiences or advice?

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Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am going to assume that you are running WRSA and that MBAM would be an add-on?
On that premise I would say that, if you view WRSA as your prime line of defence then you should save your money. WRSA does a great job in providing protection and the main differences between MBAM licenced/free is mainly in terms of the real time protection that the former has/which the latter does not. So as a second opinion scanner the Free version does basically as a good a job as the paid although Malwarebytes does suggest that the licenced version scans deeper.
If however you plan to do things the other way around and use MBAM as your primary line of defence then you should by the licenced version as you need that real time protection feature...but having said that, and as I have stated before, WRSA does as good a job as MBAM in all areas, other than possibly PUA/PUP detection...but as these are not exactly dangerous; more annoying than anything else, in my humble opinion that is not a reason to eschew WRSA for MBAM licenced version.
Hope that helps/was what you were looking for by way of feedback?
Regards, Baldrick
Yes, I run WRSA as my main defense (actually for the past 2 years) and run MBAM as an "addon."  I just wanted to make sure and see if anything changed.  Thanks.
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No worries...glad to be of assistance as and where I can. Grats on using WRSA as your No. 1 solution...good move, and with MBAM just double checking (as nothing...not even WRSA is 100% effective 100% of the time...but close ;)) you should be well protected.
Regards, Bladrick