Dual Boot/Multiple OS Computer and License?

  • 8 May 2012
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I just purchased a key for 3 computers.  I have multiple operating systems installed on my computer and 2 other separate computers in my house.  Am I able to use the license key on multiple operating systems on one computer as well as 2 other separate computers? 
In other words:  are separate operating systems considered separate 'computers' to Webroot?

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6 replies

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Hey mdrmusic,
That is a good question. The separate operating systems would be recognized as separate computers. Our license tracking and identification is not only done through hardware, but also a unique GUID from the operating system.
You can upgrade to a 5 user license which would work better for your unique situation.
The sales number is 866-612-4268
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Thanks Mike,

A 6 operating system license key would be optimal to my circumstance 🙂 Could you guide me on how to upgrade from a 3 to 5 (but preferably 6) operating system license key?

Thanks for your help,
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Get in touch with our sales department by phone and I believe they may be able to get you a key of the size you need.  In the US: Toll Free 1-866-612-4268.  Other international numbers are also available.
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I meant to ask for the Australian support number but I was having trouble editing my reply on my mobile phone browser... I'll look up the Australia support number :)

Thanks again for your help Mike.
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Here ya go!
1-800-013-772  <- AU Sales
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Kit, Mike, thanks for those numbers  :)  The solution offered by support were to either:
a) purchase a further 2 opearting system licenses for my existing license key;
b) purchase a separate 3 operating system license key.
So unfortunately there's no current option for a 6 OS license key, but LUCKILY there is currently a 50% off special for WRComplete 1 year 3 operating system license key through the US site and I chose to do that since it was $20 AUS cheaper to take up that option and then add the 2nd license key to my existing account.
Just want to say thanks for all your help here  :)  really appreciated!