DWM.exe - An active process has a possible memory leak (dwm.exe)

  • 5 March 2021
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Webroot System Analyzer is noting that DWM.exe could have a possible memory leak.  Is there a way to dig into this further or find the section of the logs from Webroot that captures the details?  I was wondering if we could submit this to Microsoft for further analysis?


Additionally, if Webroot sees a large number of these, it could be helpful for the Webroot to have a liaison position that reports to Microsoft what they are seeing.  While I am sure that every low-level modification brings the risk of introducing a memory leak, it would be helpful to offer this feedback to Microsoft (e.g. C or C++ can often allow for memory leaks if garbage collection is not handled properly).  Or if it is a false-positive with the Webroot System Analyzer it would be good to modify the analyzer with Microsoft’s feedback.

Edit: clarified a run-on sentence above.


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Hello @PrometheusRising 

Just ignore what System Analyzer has to say as there is nothing you can do about leaks and such.

Also see many others that we have told over the years:



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Also some info from Microsoft: