exceeding the number of devices per subscription

  • 21 December 2014
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Just curious how my subscription is handled if I add more devices than I purchased?  Previous Antivirus SW just reduced the number of active days that I had left but allowed me to add as many as I needed.  Does Webroot do the same?  Or will I need to go purchase another subscription for additional devices?

7 replies

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Hi NRob123
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Now, that is a good question.  Webroot recently tightened up on its licensing checks re. number of seats bought and making sure that activation limits are not exceeded...but as to exactly what happens if one does I cannot say...so unless either one of our gurus @ or @ know then it is most likely one for our most excellent Community Manager @ the fount of all Webroot knowledge and where not then he probably know who is, etc.
Hi, Nic, would you be able to advise on this very good and interesting point?  I have my htoughts but do not want to start speculation on whether I am correct or not as it will detract from the OP's question.
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At this point, in my own experience, once you have reached the maximum number of devices allowed, you will recieve a key code invalid error.  It is not the best way to describe the situation as the key code is actually valid, it is merely 'full'.  
WSA will not reduce the number of days on your subscription as that other solution may have done.  In order to add additional devices, you would either need to upgrade your license (From a 3 user to a 5 user for example) or purchase an additional license.
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Cheers, David
Many thanks for clarifying this excellent question.
Agreed, it would perhaps be an idea to better explain the reason for the 'key code invalid' message in these circumstances...as I suspect that will cut down on the number of threads opened by frustrated users on receiving the message, swearing blind (and most probably correctly) that the key is valid/has been entered correctly, but having forgotten that trying to put WSA on little Johnny's new for Xmas laptop has infact taken them over the license threshhold. ;)
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If you exceed the number of devices then you'll receive an email notifying you and letting you know how to buy additional licenses.  Right now I'm seeing only 3 devices activated on your subscription, out of 5, so you should be able to install on 2 additional devices.
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Hi NIc
Thanks for the clarification...it is good to know and one to bank in respect of future questions along the same lines.
Regards, Baldrick 

howmany devices can u hookup on subscription at onces when does not tell

My subscription is for three devices and when checking account, it shows three but one is a computer I would like to delete, freeing up a space for a new laptop that is on the way.  I apparently don’t have access, as an administrator, to delete the old device and don’t see how I can delete the device otherwise.  I would like to keep the 3-device subscription rather than increasing the subscription to five devices.  ???