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  • 18 May 2012
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I guess I won't be buying your product because it's failed to detect an obvious infection.
Where do I send this file so you add it to your database?
It's really too bad, yours is the only product I can run in real time that doesn't slow my pc down to glacial spped.
Oh well, I've saved a big chunk of change.

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Hello AymaRatt!
Foremost welcome to the Webrrot Community!
Can you kindly open a support ticket here describing your issue. It is the fastest way to get solved it. You can also use the "Submit a File" functionality available in WSA under System Tools. However, if you put in a ticket, Webroot support department will investigate and act accordingly straightaway. If you submit the file, those requests are handled differently taking a bit longer.
BTW, please give me a favour ... don't throw WSA overboard based on the first impression even if it might be a negative one for you. Give WSA more time to prove you that it is worth to buy it.
Thanks & regards,
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One of the interesting things to note is that things that are obvious to a human being are not as obvious to machines.  While you, as a human, can say "Look, it's right there!", making machine rules to see the same thing is not trivial nor even possible to get close to human comprehension on.
That being said...
If you have an infection and we're installed, the agent will know about it even if it doesn't know it's bad yet.  That means that there are both manual tools that an advanced user can make use of to remove it on their own, as well as the fact that getting in touch with us by support ticket or phone can get it resolved in very short order (In the range of under an hour or much less) just by marking the infection bad on our central systems.  If another AV didn't detect the infection, it would require manual utilities to remove it now, and potentially days or weeks to get a definition for it.
If the situation is already passed, or it was just "testing", the easiest way to get information to us is a support ticket.  That provides us with the information on the scan and what was seen on the system.  Changing our determinations takes seconds.
We know that there is no way to catch 100% of everything all the time, and we know that we catch tens of thousands of infections daily that other software missed, which is why millions of knowledgeable people use us. 🙂