false positive for OSX.Imuler.A?

  • 6 December 2012
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I keep getting told that I have this backdoor trojan.  It will be removed and then found again.  I am confident that it is not in my system.  The services that must be stopped in order to remove it are not present.  Is this a known issue?  I cna find info about it on other malware removal sites, but not with Webroot.  If I get continual false positives, I will not continue to use or recommend this product.  I have run clean scans with several other providers.  I am running on OS X Mountain Lion.

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10 replies

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There was a False Positive for OSX.Imuler.A that was fixed in the last update. You can check for updates by launching Webroot SecureAnywhere, then selecting Check for Updates from the Menu Bar.
If the update does not solve the issue, please Submit a Support Ticket and include the contents of a Threat Log which can be saved by clicking on "Mac Security" "View Quarantine" "Save Threat Log" so we can look into the issue further.
I am up to date, so I will submit a support ticket.
Any news on the support ticket?
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Your support ticket has been responded to and the engineer has made changes to your account to correctly associate your keycode. They have asked for you to recreate the issue and to respond Within the Support System with your results.
Did you even read this thread? That is an old support ticket. I submitted a new one with a threat log. This is not solved!
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I only have access to your Gmail address (that you registered here on the forum with). If you Send me a Private Message with the other email address I can take a look at the new support ticket and see if any new false positives have been found.
I used the same email address. Maybe the ticket didn't send properly.
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If it was submitted using the same email address it would have updated the current ticket. You can follow DanP's instructions and submit the results under your current support ticket (Gmail address).
It was under the same email address, and I told it to ask a new question. It must not have gone through. I'll have to do it again.
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