Frustration beyond belief

  • 14 January 2014
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Ok, so I got a free copy of the full registered version of Secureanywhere from best buy. Thankfully it was free because I would never buy this software for the reason I am writing about. I cannot use it on my cell phone. And I am not the only one with the issue of signing in on the app. It is always saying that everything is wrong. I read the reviews and added my own 1 star review to increase the 1 star reviews on Android by infinite. People are upset, including myself. This software says that it can be used on your mobile device. Until this is fixed, it is false advertising becaue I and many many others cannot get it to work. I think I will be going back to Nortons and tossing this in the trash. Any idea when or if this is going to be fixed or shall I place my Nortons order on Amazon? Thanks.

17 replies

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Hello dyrelogan and welcome to to the Webroot Community!
I know it can be a little confusing to get going the first time, but the mobile version version most certainly does work. The user must download the correct version and set up the Account Console correctly.  Please see the instructions and download link located at the Best Buy download link below in my signature.  
I have a lot of experience with the mobile version and the Best Buy version in particular.  As long as the correct download is used, and the account is correcty set up and configured, it does work.
If you still have problems after following the directions in the link, then please check your Account to make sure that it is set up correctly as follows:
Log into the Account
Click your email address at the upper right corner, select Manage Users from the drop down
On the next screen, look at the permissions listed.  Both Mobile and Passwords MUST be set to Access.  If they are not, this is the problem.  Simply click the edit icon at the far right side of the profile listing, click the Permissions tab, and add those permissions to the profile.  Save your changes.
Sometimes changes made to an account may take a few minutes to fully work, so wait 10 or 15 minutes, then try downloading the mobile app again and log in.
I hope that this helps you!
 EDIT: These instructions are intended only for those with the Best Buy Subscription Version of Webroot SecureAnywhere.  Users with other versions of Webroot software should not use the link mentioned above, but instead should follow the directions for your specific version of the software.
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Yes, that is the one I downloaded. I appreciate your help, but countless users cannot be having the same issues including myself . And I have waited greater that 15 minutes as I was trying for a good while sign in to the mobile version. If you go to the android version reviews you will see that I am not the only one having this issue. I just tried again, more that 8 hours later and am still getting the same issue.
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Have you verified that your profile is set up correctly to include Mobile and Password access as well as I described above?
There are three different downloads, each for specific licensing options, and quite often the problem is simpy that that wrong download was used.  Even with the correct download, however, the account console must be set up correctly as well or the software will not log in correctly.
I just started experiencing the same Frustration Beyond Relief because my scenario matches that of the original author of this theme/title. Setting up Webroot on my laptop was annoying because security code could be interpreted as password, key code or PIN. Once, I got past that confusion, following directions for adding my cell phone failed. Auto feedback on failure was nonsensical, "no internet connection..." My cell phone had access to my home WiFi and Verizon's 4G LTE network. PLEASE HELP!
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Hi elarry72
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
At the risk of sounding trite (and that is not my intention I hasten to add) have you been through David's prior posts and followed his recommendations?  If so then where/in what specific circumstance(s) did these not work?  Some detailed feedback on specifics related to that guidance would be most helpful.
Many thanks in advance.
Hi Baldrick, I used David's advise to verify that I have the right download, correct access listings, and no typos in my email address, password or key code entries on my cell, uninstallation and reinstallation of the Webroot app on my phone but no progress. This advance should be welcome message not error one.
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Hello there and welcome to the Community!
It sounds like you checked everything that I know of to check, but I am still learning too so there might be something I am missing in my advice.  I would like to check one thing though: your current key code, it is the only key code you have ever used or have you had other key codes, even trial codes, in the past?
There are clear as mud spots in instructions at Best Buy download link that David gave. The Geek Squad writes to click on a link for Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile, is nice enough to make this name a link too, but (here comes the mud) what appears is a different download Webroot Security & Antivirus. These are two different app.s at Google Play Store. I will try all I have thus far with Webroot Security & Antivirus since several instructions that the Squad gives after this one are impossible in Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile. For example, one cannot get the option to register as instructed in this app.
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AH.. Ok, you have the Best Buy Subscription Software version then?
Oops, where's spell check here to catch an advise lol. David, thanks for the handy information. All directions point to using only the key code on the back of the case for the disc of Webroot software. That is the only one that I had and used.
Yes. That last thing I'll try is to uninstall Webroot...Anywhere again, install Webroot Security & Antivirus and see if there's any progress. If not, I will skip using Webroot on my cell phone.
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I am checking a couple of things, and in the middle of that my own computer crashed.  Please give me a few mintues more to check a couple of things 🙂
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Hello elarry72 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Please uninstall your version and install the one from Best Buy here: and let us know if that works and David will be by again soon.
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The link to the actual Andriod verion  you  need to download is This One   (Note: this is the same download that is used by users of the WSA-Internet Security Plus version as listed on This KB Article )
One think I would like you to check is what key code your profile is using on the Account Console.  Log into the Console, and go to Manage Users again.
Please edit the profile you are using to log into the mobile version, and take a look at the key code that is listed.  Does it match the current key code you are using on your computer?
PROGRESS! A path to it follows: install Webroot SecureAnywhere disc on laptop or desktop as instructed, follow prompts to set up Webroot account which involves making a PIN, use your PIN later when prompts ask for 2nd and 5th etc digits of your "security code" to quickly finish laptop part of the multi device installation. ALERT! SET UP YOUR WEBROOT ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU ADVANCE TO ADDING A CELL PHONE OR INSTALLING WEBROOT SOFTWARE THERE. Ignore what application names appear if you use Geek Squad instructions with links for setting up a cell. The links will result in Webroot SecureAnywhere being installed on your phone; so, celebrate when you get Webroot Security & Antivirus. ALERT! If you download Webroot SecureAnywhere at the Google Play Store, the Squad's instructions will not work and a dead end will follow if you bought your Webroot software from Best Buy. Finally, the application rejected my keycode that was on the back of the case for the installation disc from Best Buy. I could not get Premier version of the application without being charged $4.99; so, I did not upgrade. Upgrading does not seem to be necessary. Webroot SecurityAnywhere is installed and working on my cell now. Good luck!
The keycodes match for cell and PC, but the Geek Squad's directions mention no additional cost in selecting Premier. I could not get the upgrade with my key code which kept getting rejected. The application required $4.99 for the upgrade. Users who arrive at a screen that asks for $4.99 should close the screen NOT go back a screen because that seems to authorize payment.
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There IS no extra cost, your Best Buy key code should activate the FREE version as a Premier license at no additional cost.  I know quite a bit about the Mobile versions, but I am also quite an expert on the Best Buy Subscription program.  As long as your Console is set up correctly, your profile set to use your Best Buy key code, that free download should work at no extra cost.
You are not the only one having some Android issues today, so there may be something happening at the back end or some other new issue.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would submit a Trouble Ticket here on the Community to have Webroot Support take a look at the problem as well.