Getting Adobe Flash to update.

  • 12 July 2015
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I turned off firewalls and webroot as instructed by WR support team. Downloaded. It completes, but I can't see videos.
Says I need to download Adobe Flash. I've done this 10xs. Pls help!

1 reply

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Hi MauiGal
Welcome to the Community Forums.
OK, not knowing how computer literate you are, may I start with basics and suggest that what you download is the setup of the adobe flash player only and that you need to run that setup and install it?
It needs to be installed in your system to work; best to install it in C drive, so if the above is indeed the case then first locate the place where the adobe flash player has been downloaded, then click on the installer to run it.  Make sure that you read and follow all of the onscreen instruction closely, especially where the installer is offering to either install software other than the Flash Player and/or offering to make changes to your browser homepage or install toolbars.
In all of these cases I would say 'No' should not effect the isntallation of the Flash Player.
Of course if I am wrong as to my initial premise or the abobve does not worl then please post back here with some additional information and we willtry to assist further.
Regards, Baldrick