High GPU use disables Webroot Process Control

  • 23 January 2018
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Webroot's Process control is still (After how many years now?) horrid with graphics handling, however high GPU use renders it completely unusable.
Under normal situations, I expect that I should be able to select a running process that is being monitored and set it to allowed, especially if it's a patched game. However if the GPU is being pushed to 100%, the Process Control is incapable of displaying both more than one row every three seconds as well as more than five rows total, thus rendering it impossible to whitelist the game via that method.
Further testing along this line came to several interesting results as well.
Webroot catches pre-compiled cryptominers as malware, doesn't catch custom-compiled ones, but crashes all of them anyway even when they are manually whitelisted.
Anyway, how can we best ensure that there is a bug recorded for high GPU use demolishing the Process Control?

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