How can I reset my routers channel to make it faster?

  • 12 April 2015
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Tech had reset my router to make my internet faster, was suppose to send me an email telling me how to reset it myself. Didn't get it.

3 replies

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I've looked up a few articles for you to read. Since this is a Webroot Forum I can lead you in the right direction?
EDITED Link out.. (but be careful if you are lead to install a free program, I wouldn't advise any speed optimizers.)
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Hi kjmiles55
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If I may interject here...if it was either the Geek Squad or Webroot Support that you are referring to in terms of 'Tech' who failed to get back in touch then I would chase them up and ask them to send you the instructions they promised you, as there may be something specific that they need for you to do rather than what is mentioned in the more generic instructions provided by Sherry.
I should also point out that WSA may well flag the referenced Nirsoft’s WifiInfoView as a threat, and quarantine it if and when you try to download it or even use; if you have gotten the app from the author's website then this is a false positive due to the nature of what the app does, etc..  If you have gitten it from elsewhere then be cautious about it's use, get rid of it and download it from the author's website rather than a 3rd party site,
Hope that helps?
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I would love to assist you on this, however I need alot more information. Such as Make, Model of Router, Is this a direct connect router (Modem built in) or is it also connected to a modem. Or is this a commercial router?
Most are rather easy to reset but without this info it is almost impossible to help.
Let us know.