How do you unblock a program?

  • 29 August 2013
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And why isn't it easier to do so?

11 replies

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And the program I'm talking about isn't a network application, so the firewall tab won't work.
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This really depends on what you mean by "blocked."

1. If you mean it's been quarantined, go to PC Security > Quarantine > View Quarantine and choose Restore on the file you want to restore.

2. You might mean it's been blocked in Control Active Processes by the user, manually. If so, go to System Tools > System Control > Control Active Processes > Start and set the program to Allow

3. Maybe you mean it's been blocked by the Identity Shield, causing it to still run but not function as you'd expect. In which case, go to Identity & Privacy > Identity Shield > Protected Applications > View/Edit Protected Applications > and set it to Protect or Allow as you see fit

These are in different places because they do different things.
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It's not under any of those things.
I was installing the driver. I got a pop up saying something like "hey, this thing tries to start/install/whatever every time you start your computere but I'm just telling you this now when you're trying to install this driver. Here's no useful data and some jibberish and some name that doesn't really tell you what the program is or even what it's associated with. Do you want to block or allow or allow this once?"
I clicked for it to block and now my driver does not work at all. And I can't get it to work.
And I can't ublock it because it doesn't appear under anything. I have NOTHING that is blocked under those tabs you posted.
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Based on the description of the message, that's going to be in the firewall. PC Security > Firewall > View Applications. The "allow once" option makes it a dead giveaway because only the firewall will ever ask you that. It also only ever asks you that if you've cranked the settings up above the recommended defaults. Even applications that are not normally used over a network tend to have network functionality for licensing and other less-obvious reasons.
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Well, for some reason now the driver works after the upteenth restart.
Is there anyway to see what was blocked?
I don't mind that it was blocked, I expect some false positives. I mind that it's not easy to fix.

And it's not under firewall. Even if it should be.
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It wouldn't be listed in the firewall application list now, because it's not being blocked anymore. Otherwise, that's where you would check. If you had checked it when the issue was still happening, it would have shown up in there if Webroot's firewall was the cause of the issue.

Either it involved Webroot and the setting that was causing the issue was changed to something that resolved the problem, thus causing it to no longer appear in the list with a "Block" status, or the issue did not involve Webroot and some other kind of troubleshooting resolved the problem.

What is it you're looking for? I'm not sure how you know it's not in the firewall's app list if we don't know what we're looking for. Whatever it is, it should show up in there even if it's not being blocked. It would just be set to Allow instead.

More importantly, are you sure the message you received was even from Webroot? My guess as to which Webroot message it may have been is based only on the description provided, which is not very informative. It could have been from User Account Controls in Windows. In fact, the more I look at the description of the window, the more inclined I am to think that's what it was. You mention it specifically called out that it loads every time you restart the computer. While the "allow once" verbiage could be from Webroot, this other part of the message sounds like UAC.
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Nope, It was webroot. It had webroot's style, green buttons and all. It was definitely webroot. I know the webroot box from the windows boxes very well.
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Easiest way (in my opinion) is to right click on the system tray and save a scan log to your desktop. Open it and scroll to the botton, you should see something similar to below.
"Blocked process from accessing the internet c:program filesexampleprogram.exe"
This will tell you path/time/location of the blocked program.
I have a similar issue. I just installed MS Office and when it tried to access the net to download some templates, Webroot brought up a dialogue box asking if I wanted to block or allow and I foolishly blocked. Now MS Office cannot access the web at all!  How do I unblock the program??
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Hello Rangerover and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
Read this thred:

Managing active connections
Blocking/Allowing files
You can read the other sections of the help
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Hi Rangerover
And welcome to the Community Fora...
I believe that the answer has been provided in Post 3 of this very thread, by our very excellent ex-Community Manager (not that the current one, Nic, is not also excellent...;)).
Also have a read of the thread from the start and I think that your question will be answered...but if not then do post back with more specific information as to the issue you have.