how does 'Eliminates traces of online activity' feature work

  • 12 March 2016
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I bought the Complete version of webroot for the 25GB storage space. But there is another extra feature: "Eliminates traces of online activity"
what does this do exactly? what is the diffrence?

3 replies

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Hi Genovezos
What you are referring to is the System Optimizer feature which is particular to the COmplete & Gamer versions. It can be found either by (i) clicking on the 'Utilities' tab which will reveal an option label 'Optimize Now'; clicking that will launch the Optimizer running with the default settings as to what to clear) or (ii) by clicking on the gear/cog symbol to the right of the 'Utilities' tab and then on the 'Optimizer tab revealed in the next panel displayed; this allows you to run the Optimizer also and gives you some basic stats on what the Optimizer as cleared out in previous runs, etc..
Essentially, the Optimizer is a cleaner, similar to CCleaner but without the range or the configuration features of the latter, but nevertheless I have found it to be safe, reliable and useful for a quick'spring clean' of ones system.
You can get all the information about it including how you customise what it cleans by taking a look at the online help (HERE).
If you have any further questions then please post back and we will be pleased to answer them for you. :D
Regards, Baldrick
I see... thx  mate. By far the best antivirus software out there. And the lightest too. 
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Hi Genovezos
You are most wlecome...glad to be able to help.
Yep, the llightest, fastest & best protecting antimalware appplication out my humble opionion, of course. ;)
Do post back if you have any further questions...we are here to help.
Regards, Baldrick