How long should a complete scan take. It's getting done in under a minute and this seems odd to me.

  • 21 April 2015
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I scan my computer, but it completes very quickly and checks about 30,000 files.  This seems wrong.  Am I just crazy?

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Takes about 16 seconds on my PC at home, under a minute is about par for the course. 
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Some additional info about scans.  The difference between a 'deep' scan and a 'full' ... - Webroot Community  
    How to Use and Configure Scans - Webroot Community  
Let us know if you have any questions.
Okay i know that this isnt helping you but i have a question my Mac has an SSD and started to scan it because it previously erased a threat so the AV asks me to scan my Mac to make sure its been erased but the scan has taken 80+ HOURS! and only have 265GB of files should i restart or what do i do?!
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Hello CesarM,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
To scan your external drive will take hours and hours. I have a Mac as well running WSA Complete.
I recommend that you cancel the scan.  Go into the settings and turn off scan mounted drives.  This feature can cause WSA to take a very long time to scan.  Once you have this feature turned off, run another scan.  You will be able to remove the threats and not have to wait for days for it to finish. In some cases, Webroot will detect a threat that is located on your backup, such as Time Machine. If the file are in the backup, then they cannot hurt your system. You would have to restore the files from the backup to get them on the system, and at that point the Real Time Shield in Webroot would find and remove them. Even though Webroot cannot remove these files, as space for newer backups is needed the older backups will be deleted. This will delete the threats from the backup as well.
We recommend if Webroot continues to detect these files that you uncheck the box next to them on the removal page. This will tell Webroot to ignore the files in their current location.
 Please have a look here
You can always Submit a Support Ticket and they can help you as well. This is a free service with a Webroot subscription.
Hope this helps?
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Hi CesarM,
I may of misunderstood your issue....Is the SSD your main internal drive that is taking 80 hours to scan? I'd advise that you Submit a Support Ticket. I would usually uninstall Webroot and reinstall but since Webroot has found a threat then I'd ask Support to troubleshoot this issue just to be safe. Because Webroot should not take 80 hours to scan that SSD.