Identity Shield and Google Chrome (21.0.1180.75) performance issues

  • 10 August 2012
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I am a new user here, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong section. I am using WSA complete 2012 latest version (
I was wondering if anyone has experience poor performance issues while using Google Chrome with WSA Identity Shield HTTP setting at the highest level security.
The problem:
The issue I am having with having the HTTP setting at the most secure, is that Google Chrome ends up using all of the threads and CPU cycles to the point where it becomes completely unresponsive. Also, this event is escalated when browsing a flash intensive website such as YouTube. 
My computer:
Gateway NX570X Laptop
Intel T5600 1.83 ghz (first generation mobile Core2Duo)
2.00GB RAM
Windows 7 32bit
3.2 Windows Experience Index
Chrome extensions (enabled):
AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper
Do Not Track 
Google Voice (by Google)
HTTPS Everywhere
Keep My Opt-Outs
Turn Off the Lights
This performance issue happens every time I use the browser and is not a random occurance. It has an extremely high reproducability on my computer. 
What fixes the issue for me:
Closing WSA Compete
Turning the HTTP security down to "low" -- requires a browser restart
Not using Google Chrome
What does not fix the issue for me:
Turning off browser extensions (I systematically went through every browser extension enabled or disabled 1 at a time on the different HTTP security settings, and it's not a conflict with any of the extensions.)
I have also sent this in as a ticket, but I wanted to ask the forum to see if any other users have used this combination of Google Chrome and WSA complete 2012 with HTTP protected websites set to the maximum, and having poor performance issues with spiking/maximum CPU use (especially on flash-heavy websites such as YouTube). 
Thank you

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4 replies

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I have been in contact with support about this, and as far as I know, issues with Chrome and WSA are known and have been addressed if not resolved in future builds.
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Seeker is right. This issue should be resolved in the next publicly released build. If they were seeing this problem before, By-invite Beta users may notice this is already fixed on their build. Thanks for all the detail though Darkstar. If we didn't already know about this issue, that would have gone a long way towards getting it fixed more quickly. 🙂
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I can confirm that Chrome's CPU usage is indeed more sane with the latest closed beta build.
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Thanks for the updates, and I'm glad to know it's not just me as well as that the Webroot team also knows about it. :)