Is LastPass Premium Product the same as Webroot's Secure Anywhere Password Product?

  • 9 April 2019
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I have a premium account for LastPass and a Premium account for Webroot Secure Anywhere. Now that these two companies have come together within the product known as Webroot Secure Anywhere should I when it comes to renewal of my Lastpass account let it lapse and then take up the offer of using LassPass within Webroot Secure Anywhere? Also is the LastPass product within Secure Anywhere the same as the LastPass Premium product that I already have?

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Hello @Lordsnooty ,

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Please have a look at this interesting Thread.

I do not know the difference between LastPass Premium and the Secure Anywhere LastPass Premium.

I also do not know how long the Webroot Cloud will keep your Webroot Passwords located in the Online Account Console. Which is a afterthought and I have never thought to ask.

Whether to let your LastPass Premium lapse and transition over to WSA LastPass could be answered by Submitting a Support Ticket to Webroot or better yet LastPass Support.

Let me ping @ProTruckDriver and perhaps @Baldrick they are more familiar with LastPass Premium then I am.

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Sorry I'm running the Free Version of LastPass. I do believe that the Premium Version of LastPass is the same as Webroot's Premium Version. I haven't started my Webroot LastPass account yet. I believe @BurnDaddy has both accounts open.
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Hi Lordsnooty

Welcome to the Community Forums.

Webroot & LastPass have 'not come together' in any new way than before. Rather, the change is that Webroot is no longer providing a 'built in' Password Manager as they did before (and that was actually based on an old version of LastPass which is no longer support by LastPass), but instead your Webroot subscription for Internet Security Plus or Complete versions of WRSA now entitles you to a LastPass Premium subscription, giving you access to the latest version of LastPass but with your password data now held by LastPass rather than Webroot as previously.

So, when it comes to renewal of your Lastpass subscription it would make sense to let in lapse given that you would be paying twice for the same functionality, the same storage, etc.

It would make sense to avail yourself of the LastPass subscription via Webroot given that you would have nothing further to pay as the cost is already covered ion your Webroot subscription

The only things to bear in mind are (I) once you stop subscribing to Webroot for Complete or Internet Security Plus version of WRSA then you will effective lose access to LastPass unless you take out a new subscription directly with them & (ii) when you subscribe to LastPass via the Webroot offer the process will transfer your Webroot password data to LastPass, expecting that you use the same email address to set up a NEW LastPass account.

In other words, if your current LastPass account is based on the same email address as the Webroot Password Manager then you will need to delete the LastPass account (so losing all of your data unless you extract it first & then reload it after the transfer) first, & get LastPass to reset the account in the back office (easy to do by opening up a LastPass support ticket).

This is what happened to me & that is what I had to do...but after finding that out everything is tickety boo...and by the time that you come to get the LastPass subscription via Webroot they may have a way of handling person like yourself with a Premium subscription for both.

And for that reason I would contact LastPass support, as and when, explain the situation and see what they suggest as the best way to proceed.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick

PS: Thanks, @Ssherjj for the ol' tap on the shoulder...😉
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Thank you very much @Baldrick for your awesome response. Truly appreciated!, 🤗
Sorry @ProTruckDriver, for not replying sooner. Missed this one, somehow.

The new Password Manager included with Webroot SecureAnywhere 'Internet Security' and 'Complete' versions is , as others have stated, the Premium version of LastPass. The differences between the Free, Premium, and Families versions of LastPass are as follows...

  • 1 user
  • 1 vault
  • Access to all devices
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • One-to-one sharing
  • Save and fill passwords
  • Password generator
  • LastPass authenticator
  • Secure notes
  • Security challenge
  • 1 user
  • 1 vault
  • All features of the Free plan
  • Emergency access
  • 1GB encrypted file storage
  • Advanced multi-factor options
  • One-to-many sharing
  • Priority tech support
  • LastPass for applications
  • 6 users
  • 1 vault per user
  • All features of the Free and Premium plans
  • Unlimited shared folders
  • 6 Premium licenses
  • Family manager dashboard
Hope this info helps, 😉
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Guys sorry for not replying sooner but was out of the country and access to the internet was very poor. A MILLION THANKS to everyone that took part in this discussion. My LastPass Premium doesn't run out till next year but when it does or should I say before it runs out I will contact LastPass Forum and see what is best to do. I suspect that I will let it lapse and just take out the Webroot Password as part of my membership of Webroot Secure Anywhere because it appears to have the same cover as LastPass Premium (which I have used for many years now and enjoyed using). I think all I need to do is keep a copy of the password data. I have done that before when I took out another membership with another Password Manager called Bitwarden. It's also is a good Password manager which I use as a Backup for LastPass when it doesn't get the password right. None of these Password Managers are 100% correct despite what they say.
Again, Thanks to everyone who took part in this discussion and maybe it will also help others who are like me that have Premium Membership of these two great apps

Thank You
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I have paid subscriptions to full versions of both LastPass and Webroot, so I’m no sure what you mean?  LastPass provided no support contacts even after I paid for the full version and WebRoot said they do not support LastPass. For years, l told everyone I knew that WebRoot was the best security and anti-malware SW there was and provided wonderful support, but ever since LastPass, browsing and security have been a nightmare!

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celz1357 yes I would agree with you regarding LastPass. So when it came to the update for Webroot I just renewed Webroot and will probably just drop LastPass and not renew it and just leave  Bitwarden as my password manager. It is free and it seems to be doing a very good job plus the recent update to LastPass is in my opinion not user-friendly.

I don’t know whether or not the coming together of LastPass and Webroot was a great idea for the customer ….maybe a good idea for the shareholders but for nobody else. I think both services have suffered in this merger.