Is there a way to create a master password for my computer?

  • 21 January 2015
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I just started to us Webroot Complete yesterday. I want to use a master password, but find Webroot confusing. Is there somewhere within Webroot that I can create a master password?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

3 replies

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Hello calicokitty,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
To create a Master Password please open Webroot from the system tray and open "view status" and then go into Advanced Settings/Acesss Control/ check enable password protection/ create a password. I want you to know if you do this do not loose this password. This password will be used to change settings in  Webroot and will protect you from unauthorized users. If you loose this PW you will have to contact support to get it changed. So make sure you do not loose it.
Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions then please feel free to ask.
Thanks so much for the quick reply!! I really appreciate it, Sherry. 🙂
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Hi calicokitty,
Your certainly welcome. If you have more questions then let us know.
Also here's a video of using Password Manager and the USER GUIDE and go here for Password Management if you want to check this out as well.
Have a nice day!