is this compatible with the galaxy note 10.1?

  • 22 December 2013
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from what i have heard it might not. it would be helpful if someone could answer this.  Also which would be better if it does this or the premier version. i await an answer.  (sorry if i am asking again.) I just want to be clear if this works on it. i heard from a few people on google play that it doesn't work.  (so let me know.)
edit: whichever is better i will likely use. I hope it does work on android because it works well on my computer.
(and doesn't slow it down.)

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4 replies

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Hello Zimuka!
As for compatibility with that phone, I am not sure.  In theory, it SHOULD be.  WSA Mobile requires Andriod 2.2 or higher.  If your device has issues, you can submit a Trouble Ticket and Webroot will take a look and try to resolve the issue.
As for which is better... WSA-Complete or WSA-Mobile Premier... neither.  They are the same actually.  Once you activate the correct free download correctly, it will unlock all of the Premier features!  
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Do you have a seat open on your keycode or are all 5 being used? I see no issue as I have it running on my Samsung Tab  2 with Android OS version 4.2.2 and the one you have says 4.3 but if you can please answer the first part of my question that would be helpful.
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well i do have a seat open.  I was just curious when it will be available and as for the android i dont have it quite yet. so... yea.
I have a strong feeling though that i will be getting it.
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they are the same you say... hmm well that is helpful anyways I was curious. thanks.  This is helpful to know. 🙂