laptop keeps 'forgetting' I renewed.

  • 18 July 2012
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Hello all and thanks for this great community.
I recently renewed my Webroot subscription. I put the new keycode into my laptop and it validated it. However, whenever I shut my computer down, when I start back up, I have to reenter the code because Webroot pops up a box saying I'm expired. 
While I was typing this, I entered the code, it said activated and then proceeded to scan. Before I could finish, the scan ended and the popup came back saying expired. I reentered the code again and now it seems ok.. probably until the next time I reboot. 
I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It still happened after I did that. 
Any ideas?

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Hey Rick,
I am happy you have joined us! This sounds like an issue with remnants of the 2011 software left on the machine after the install of SecureAnywhere or a possible issue we have been seeing with similar cases. Please try the instructions in this Knowledge Base Article on how to remove the old software.
If this doesn't resolve the issue please Open a Support Ticket and https:///t5/notes/privatenotespage/tab/compose/note-to-user-id/1016 letting me know the email you used and I will assist you personally. 😉 We may need to collect logs and investigate further via the support system.?
Hi MikeR,
I also had the same exact problem (new WebRoot SecureAnywhere complete 2014 forgets I renewed subscription on reboot),
just opened and ticket (below).
Please help!

my girl had webroot secureanywhere 2012, i installed a copy on my pc too. 
it just expired, so i bought a complete 2014 on your web site (for 5 computers), received it via email, installed 
on my and her pcs. 
first time it was all fine, it forced me to create a new webroot account, so i did. 
but as soon as we reboot any of our pcs, it pretends that we never installed or activated anything new, 
just finds a bunch of new threats and says your subscr1ption expired. 
please help!!! 

last thing i need is to have lots of threats on my pcs. 
account id: olegkon (email removed by mod) 
keycode: xxxxx (last 4 digits)

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Hello olegkon and welcome to the Webroot Community!
First, you might want to review your post.  At the upper right corner click Options, then Edit, and remove your email address.  The Webroot Mods and Support can locate it from your Community registration, or they will ask for you to provide it by Private Message.  We don't want you do subject yourself to spam or hacking attemps by having the email publicly visible!  :)
EDIT to add the following:
One thing you might want to do is is uninstall all existing copies of Webroot from all computers.  Lets go for a fresh install.  In the event that your recently expired copy was a Best Buy Subscription copy, that software will not accept your key code from Webroot: the direct from Webroot and Best Buy versions, while identical in software, are not compatible with each others key codes.
Once you uninstall, reboot the computer.
Download the most recent installer using the Download PC link below on your computers and activate using your new key code.
Your Account Console/Profile may be a different matter that may require help from a Webroot employee to fix.  With the 5 user that you purchased, once you have created the first profile you can add up to 4 more logins.  If you had created a profile with your old key code, you can use that email address as well, but you will require Webroot support to move that email login from the old key code to the new one.
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Please follow David's instructions and use the keycode that I have sent you in a private message.
I saw an association issue on your account and moved your new keycode onto your My Webroot Account. Please let us know your results! :D
OK, I will uninstall it, reboot and install again.
>I saw an association issue on your account. 
What do you mean?
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@ wrote:
OK, I will uninstall it, reboot and install again.
>I saw an association issue on your account. 
What do you mean?
I think he meant just what I was talking about: the old key code still being associated to the email address you want to use with the new key code. 🙂
OK, that seemed to work so far, including a test reboot afterwards.
I have to admit that usually it finds much more threats than Norton 360, which I used for years.
Thank a lot, guys!
I might want to install it on my Android tablet.
Is it useful?
So far I haven't seen of any viruses on Android, so it's way better than Windows.
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The app is very useful. Especially if you connect to any Wi-Fi hotspots or if you do any banking on your device. I use the call and text blocker for annoying numbers that I don't want to hear from. 
David was exactly right - It was associated to your old keycode still and I moved it over.