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  • 19 September 2012
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Hope this is the right place to post this!
I've just had my laptop stolen and, although I hold little hope of ever seeing it again, I wondered if there's any way for SecureAnywhere to help me track it down.
On the webrootanywhere console I can view the last time any of my computers were scanned. And that gives me a potentially useful IP address. My question (maybe a stupid one) is this: is there any way to somehow communicate with the lost laptop if ever the thief connects to the internet? Would there be any way to remotely tell it to run a scan and thus register the IP address? I realise this might seem like a stupid post but I have to ask.

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Yes, we may be able to help you with that.  :)
If you access your Webroot management account, you can see the most recent IP addresses your computer has used.  If you have not yet created an account" target="_blank for instructions.

To view the IP address information:

1.    Log in to the Webroot Account Management Website at

2.    Open the PC Security tab.

3.    Select the PC you want to view.  An "About" window appears.

4.    In the window, click Scan Information.  This window shows the dates and times at which the 10 most recent scans have run, as well as the IP address the computer was using at the time of the scan.

If this list shows that a scan was run after the computer was lost, the IP addresses may help your local law enforcement officials locate the system.  Please provide this information to the officer in charge of your case.  

However, if a scan has not run since the computer was lost, Webroot cannot assist you in finding the machine, because no IP addresses will have been logged.
Thanks Jim.
I already have an account. My question was is there any way to communicate with the stolen laptop if it connects to the internet? I know it's a remote possibility and I guess I am relying on the thief not wiping the entire hard disk anyway. Assuming the thief does connect to the internet do I have to rely on the scheduled scan running to give me the IP address?
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That's correct. The IP address logging resulting from the agent checking in with the online console is the only tracking method available. There is no way to "communicate" with the laptop beyond adjusting Webroot's settings through the console.
Thanks again Jim.
Stupid question #2: Are there any settings I can change on the console that would help trace the laptop? 
To be honest, I'm not too bothered about getting the laptop back. I just want to get the burglar caught.
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Unfortunately, there are not any settings you can change that would help you locate the device. The IP address is the only traceable bit of data we collect, and in terms of trying to geolocate the device with the IP address, you wouldn't be able to narrow it down past the general city or state level without contacting the ISP. However, the police may be able to use that IP address insofar as they can contact the ISP of that IP address and obtain the location that way.
Thanks for your help Jim. I thought that was the case. Hopefully the thief (or whoever he sells the laptop to) will be stupid and I can eventually pass an IP address to the police.