my account says expired, but web roots still scans and detects

  • 14 January 2016
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I don't know if account has expired. Tells me it is scanning computer on regular basis. Lets me know if virus is detected, but says expired on Home page

2 replies

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Hi stuartcharlesr
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You should be able to check to see if your subscription has expired by looking at the main app panel and looking at the number of days subscription you have left; which should be zero if your subscription has expired. You should also see an exclamation mark against the WSA notification tray icon.
Now, if your subscription has expired within the last 30 days then WSA will continue to provide a full 100% protection until that time is up, i.e., expiration was more than 30 days in the past. This is a grace periods provided by the good people at Webroot to cater for potential renewal overruns.
I should also point out that as yo are a Complete user then final expiration will also result in all cloud held data such as password, etc. being eventually deleted as if you have not yet renewed I would urge you to do so soon, and remain protected by one of the very best security applications out there.
Regards, Baldrick

My Webroot is still scanning when it says it expired.