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  • 10 October 2019
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Hello Webroot friends! I bought Webroot Complete yesterday for 5 devices, want to try it and do some review about mentioned antivirus.

My opinions about Webroot are:

  1. I was suprised when saw Web Based Control Managment for all your products. You can send commands to other PCs that are protected by Webroot, do a scan, restart etc. It's just amazing addon by Webroot.
  2. Was also very satisfied how small impact does it have on PC memory, almost like it does not exist. No impact, very small but powerful.
  3. You also get 25GB space on cloud which you can access from anywhere! You can always log in and take some documents which you need, anywhere, anytime. Thats amazing too.
  4. Very fast and easy install, you can also randomize letters in install directory which infected machine will not recognize its an antivirus and won't be able to block it.
  5. Fast scans and powerful signatures!
  1. At first I had a problem after downloading an Trial version. After registered, I get an email with key to activate trial, but key I entered in program which asks to be installed does not work with trial version and wasn't able to install it.
  2. Control Dashboard Commands are very very slow. Two days ago I sent commands to one of my PCs but still didnt execute. Slowness is with all commands you send, no matter what, scan, restart PC, Optimize etc..
  3. After finding a virus, it needs to scan every time which is very annoying. Cause If there is not only one virus, it will scan many times as viruses are separatly find. It is better so suggest to deep scan your computer after removing all threats.
  1. Optimization need an improvement, cause it does not give any detailed report about what it did and what it cleaned aka optimized. It would be nice to add more graphical content, like PIE diagram or similar.
  2. System analyser as same as above, need an improvements, some stats, diagrams, etc..
  3. In the managment board there's nice option that you can see when machine was infected, when and even with which virus, but sadly there's no option to do a "clean" or "delete" virus remotly. It would be nice if you add that option.
  4. Interface could be improved (The Protection window looks like it does not belong there, its white and gray, but other windows are green-black).
  5. USB vaccine, or autorun block, should be implemented, cause many viruses get through USB devices.
  6. Same as with email protection, Outlook at least, all ransomware comes mostly from the e-mails.
  1. Webroot File Vault would be amazing, folder pasword protected to store your sensitive files.
  2. Parent control is a must in todays world..for children mostly!
  3. Rescue CD to clean malware from DOS.
  4. Free malware cleaner with limitations ofc, to spread the name of the Company!
  5. One of the best addon which I saw in only one Antivirus is remote control, through teamviewer, you can access remote computer and do a fix. Thats maybe asking you to buy some licences from teamviewer or Anydesk, but imagine you have it integrated into your Antivirus, you dont have to go outside and in people houses but do everything from your office. 🙂 Beside that you will advertize the remote control program too, Teamviewer or Anydesk.
My biggest consern about this antivirus is if virus wasn't found, Webroot is monitoring process.. and now, what does Webroot allow virus to do? I think if virus start to execute it's script, it is too late for Webroot to react.. like ransomware do.. it's too late when it's start to encrypt your files. So my question is does Webroot completly stop virus after it found behaviour is bad? And also I do not feel safe knowing that virus is active on my system but monitoring by Webroot. So is it totally safe?

Well, that's for now, thank you for reading this and this is only my opinion. I do not have anything against Webroot, It's an amazing antivirus and would recommend to everyone! This is what I've looking for years. Thank you and I will try to do as much feedback as you need to improve this amazing Webroot!


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