Newbie Questions

  • 23 August 2015
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Newbie Questions:
1) Does WSA Firewall track Internet and network connections and cranks up the heuristic detection level when it encounters suspicious activity for out and in-bound traffic.....
1a) Do WSA users need to tweak Windows Firewall... an opinion is welcome...

2) Comment/opinion re: Note: The SafeStart Sandbox is intended for testing malware, not legitimate programs.
Will browser run okay in SafeStart Sandbox. Will SafeStart Sandbox run Sandboxie'd.

3) Does WSA have PUP criteria.

4) Does WSA scan compressed folder/files.

5) It's my understanding WSA does not employ traditional definitions/signatures. So, does WSA detect even known malware by behavior. Granted, known malware morphs faster than signatures can be written. So, are detections always/only by behavior.  
Once behavior is classified.   Why not note a signature. 
6) Curious, why don't I find Webroot at aggregate second opinion sites eg: VirusTotal, VirScan, Jotti....
7) How do I second opinion scan without a hash.   Even if I upload file.  Will VirusTotal identify by behavior. 

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