Possible to register a legitimate screen capture program?

  • 22 July 2012
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In the identity protection section there is an option to
"Allow trusted screen capture programs access to protected screen contents", the help file says:
Allows you to use legitimate screen capture programs, no matter what content is displayed on your screen.
Can I somewhere register a program as a legitimate screen capture program?

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Hi Dick,
What you want to do is access the Identiy Shield tab and click on the Protected Apps link.  This will open the section that configures the apps that you want to "Protect" from data stealers and to "Allow" access to system data.  So, with your screen capture program running, make sure you make it "Allowed".  
Here's the section from the help file with more detail.
The prescribed solution does not fix a Webroot incompatibility with SnagIt version 11 by TechSmith.  SnagIt can capture the screen (regardless if it is on the Webroot trusted list), but Webroot Identity Shield breaks SnagIt scrolling capture in IE
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It is interesting that you specify that it's IE in particular in which this happens.  Are you saying that a scrolling capture in Snagit works in other browsers but not IE?
Is IE set to Protect or Allow?  Does toggling it from one to the other change the behavior?  We'll want to leave it on Protect optimally, but it would help to understand the situation if we know whether or not setting it to Allow bypasses the issue.
This could also be a simple matter of whitelisting some files for you.  When you open a support case from the computer having the issue, support will be able to take a look at the logs and see what needs to be adjusted for you.  Could you please open a support case?  🙂
Yes, this issue only impacted IE, Chrome worked with SnagIt without and changes to the Webroot configuration.
Current (non-functional) setting was Protect for IE; I try several things but setting IE to Allow wasn't one (I thought that browsers were always set to Protect). 
After reading your response I changed IE from Protect to Allow... this fixed the issue and SnagIt scrolling capture functionality returned.
I will open a support case momentarily.
Thank you,