red strip error message "...error=10" from LastPass

  • 17 September 2012
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The service LastPass had installed version 7?? and had placed a document in my 2007 Excel with all my accounts and user names. I found this by going to Click Start--enter LastPass in the search bar--to my surprise there is this LastPass listed!! I deleted the Excel document and then delelted the shortcut. I have restarted my machine but still receive this error message just below the browser in IE9.
I have never requested LastPass, given permission to LastPass to access my info or install any of their products or services. The error message still appears, usually momentarily and then will dissapear when I navigate. However, occassionally the red stripe error message prevents me from scrolling on the page being viewed on the screen.
What other measures are there I can do to get rid of it?
Reinstalling the Webroot via tech support worked and the error message no longer appears.

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It's possible the message you're seeing is coming from Webroot's toolbar.  The error message in question has come up before.  I'd suggest visiting that link to see if the troubleshooting steps provided there address the issue for you.  If you want to remove the toolbar altogether, you would need to uninstall Webroot, reinstall, and then do not redownload that component via the Identity & Privacy area of the program.