Renewal thru Best Buy-paid but-keeps telling me to renew

  • 1 February 2014
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I saw on the main menu of my Webroot that it was time to renew, so I clicked on the icon and it brought me to a renewal thru Best Buy. Paid my due amount on a credit card. The next day my webroot was still telling me to renew. I called customer service and they said it may be because the credit card hasnt cleared yet and to give it another day, Did that and still hasnt changed except when I click on the renew now icon, the best buy page says I am okay until the end of the year.
So my question is how do I get it to stop telling me to renew and am I really protected?

16 replies

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Hi Guertinfam
Welcome to the Community Forums...
GIven that the purchase was through Best Buy you will need to get back to Best Buy direct with the information that WSA is "...still telling me to renew...when I click on the renew now icon, the best buy page says I am okay until the end of the year." as they will most likely need to look at their back end systems to determine the cause.
I think that I am correct in saying that but will tag @ , our resident Best Buy 'expert' and see if he can provide either confirmation or a different suggestion.
Post back to let us know how you get on with the issue.
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Has your current subscription expired or do you still have some time remaining before it is due to expire?
You see, Best Buy does NOT bill 'live' at the time you call to provide payment information.  The Best  Buy version of the software does show you that you need to renew if you have less than 30 days remaining before renewal.  Your credit card, however, will not be charged until the day the renewal is due.  
All Best Buy billing is fully automated, and it is run on the last day of the current subsription.  Since this is automated, and the entire batch for each day is done at one time, it can take 24-48 hours for your credit card to be billed, depending on the time of day you provided your payment information.
If you are late in getting renewed, do not worry, you are protected.  Best Buy also provides a 30 day grace period to renew during which your software will still protect your computer, even though it may be past the expiration date.
Please verify if your renewal is PAST due, or if you still have a few days remaining on the current subscription and reply here so I can give you a bit more information.
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Hi David
Thanks for picking up the tag on this one...another piece of information on Best Buy to 'store' for future reference/assistance of fellow users.
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Any time my good friend!  I am always happy to give any information I can, as it helps us all here on the Community!
Thank you so much for the responses. I believe that my subscription was expired, I didn't pay attention to the dates but I am pretty sure when I renewed thru the Best Buy link it said I had 0 days remaining. And now it says I have until Dec 29 of this year. We purchased the lap top last January around this time.
I am just concerned that 1) like I said already my protection is compromised and 2) how to make it stop giving me reminders when obviously I have paid and it reflects on the Best Buy link.
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I understand and thank you for your reply!  Now that is shows an expriation of December 29 of this year, I assume it is not still telling you that you need to renew?
it is still telling me to renew. everytime i turn on my computer and if i go look at the main menu to the webroot on my computer.
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That is odd.. given that it says it is good until December 29 2014...  Do you know if the renewal has already charged? (Did you check your credit card account to see if the renewal charge is showing?)
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Just checking in to see if this has been resolved.  If WSA is still showing you that it needs to be renewed, you should call 1-800-GEEK-SQUAD (1-800-433-5778) for assistance.
While a renewal over due for payment may take more than 24 hours to process in some situations, it certainly should have done so by now.
i havent called my credit card company and wont be able to until tomorrow. i havent turned on my computer this morning but will be soon anc will update.
I am trying to get ahold of my credit card company but the wait times are insane today and I am at work. But the program is still telling me to renew.
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If it is still telling you to renew, you need to call 1800-GEEK-SQUAD and have them look up your billing information to see if you have been charged.  There may be a reason for which you have not been charged, or if you were they can offer you remote assistance to resolve the issue.
Just spent 2 hours on chat/phone/virtual desktop and still experiencing with message expires in 22 days even though purchased 1 year through Geed Squad.  Ahuge waste of time. Webroot should really reconsider their agreement with Geek Squad and  assist in resolution of this issue- I am about ready to go with a company that will assist me with their product not tell me go to Geek Squad. 
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Are you referring to a new purchase, or are you trying to renew your copy?
If you are renewing... this is quite normal.  The renewal payment will not be processed until there are 0 days remaining (under 24 hours).  Your card will be charged and the new year will be reflected at that time.
If you are having issues with a newly purchased copy, you will need to call Geek Squad to have them repair the subscription.  While rare, it sometimes happens that while the subscription is set correctly in the Best Buy/Geek Squad systems, it fails to be correctly transmitted to Webroot.  As you have already spoken to them about this issue, I would suggest you request the problem be escalated to the "S2 Escalations" team.  That is often the only team able to see the status of the subscription at Webroot's side, and the ONLY team that can re-send activation data to Webroot. (Note: when a subscription has failed to be transmitted correctly, the software automatically goes into a 30 day trial mode.)
This is a real challenge when renewing thru Best Buy-----First Question does the Rewal have to be downloaded?  I have been battling this for hours trying to go on line to WebRoot and get the Renewal Downloaded ---As much as I like WebRloot this procedure cojuld sure drive me to one that is MORE user friendly with explicite instructions of quality
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Hello jipjv, welcome to the Webroot Community!
If you are renewing your Best Buy Subscription, you have no new download and no new keycode to use.  Your existing keycode will still be used.
Please note that Best Buy renewals are done ONLY on the renewal date so if you provide your credit card information 2 weeks before the software is due to expire, your card will not be charged for two weeks.
If you subscription is already past due for payment, it can take 24-48 hours for the renewal to take place.  Best Buy does the renewal charge in a single daily batch, not in real time as credit cards are provided.
If you have any other more specific questions, I might be able to answer them, but in order for you to provide a credit card for the renewal you MUST do that through Best Buy.  You can do that by calling 1800-GEEK-SQUAD