Renewed keycode subscription not recognized

  • 13 May 2020
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Our subscription was automatically renewed several days ago and since then the Webroot on each device is returning a message that the keycode is expired and would we like to renew.


Saying yes to the option simply takes us to the browser page for payment for a new product.

The keycode in our main web console is showing as active with 360+ days left.


I tried uninstalling Webroot on my PC and then re-installing and of course when it asks for the keycode it is coming up with the same expired message.


I have started a ticket with Webroot support but not getting any response - what can i do from here?

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4 replies

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Hey there @Gregkalg ,

If you’ve already sent a ticket to our support team, I would just wait for their response. They have some back-end tools that can fix issues like this which I unfortunately do not have access to. You should be able to get this resolved with them soon!

Please allow another day or two for them to respond. If you still haven’t heard back, please private message me and I’ll do what I can to speed up the response.



Thanks for your comments @khumphrey 

How long would you expect to have to wait for a ticket to the support team to take to be responded to, I lodged a new ticket after your comments and it has yet to be acknowledged?

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Hey @Gregkalg ,

Please give it another day or so. If you still do not hear back from them by tomorrow, please send me a private message with the e-mail you used and I’ll reach out to the support team.

So 10 days after the renewal of our subscription, while I was waiting for another response from the support team (different time zones), our keycode has suddenly become active without changing anything at our end.

Happy that we are now protected again, not happy that we effectively lost 10 days of cover from our subscription but at least the matter can now be closed.

I have cancelled the automatic renewal however and will do the renewal manually in future to avoid this issue.