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  • 11 April 2013
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when is this going to be fixed.problem-i have 2 windows accounts on computer both administrators.i install backup and sync on one account and then log out and log into other windows account and install backup and sync on that account.when i log out and log back into 1st windows account(installed backup previously)back up and sync is not installed i have to keep repeating these steps?some months back i had a remote session with a woman from webroot about this and she seen what was happening  but i would have thought it would be fixed by now?by the way it happens on any computer i try not just one.

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9 replies

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Hi Brihy,
Can you please confirm you're running version When this was originally reported, it was on If this is still a defect in the most recent version, we'll investigate further. The version number is listed on the My Account screen. Thanks!
Userlevel 3 yes thats what im running.the problem still happens on both my computers
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Hi brihy1.
I am curious as to what version of Windows you use?  I have not tried running backup and sync on two windows accounts, but I  was thinking about it.  
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when i 1st ran into the problem i believe it was windows 7 now i use winows 8 with same problem.
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This issue reproduced on our end as well, and we've escalated the case to development for further investigation. You have our apologies that it's taking longer than usual to resolve the issue in this case. We can confirm that this issue will be treated with a higher priority. Hang in there!
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thanks for lookin into it JimM.if possible can you update this thread or let me know when the issue is fixed?
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Absolutely, as soon as we know more, we'll be sure to update this topic.
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We heard back from development today on this case. In summary, this issue isn't going to be resolved because it is a limitation involving integration into the Windows OS.

Here's why:
The Windows integration element in Backup & Sync relies on some information being stored in the Windows user settings. If you are using the same Backup & Sync account in two different Windows user accounts, that user data has to be replaced between those two users profiles every time you switch over. Otherwise, the integration would not work. Changing this would require fundamentally changing the way the program interacts with Windows. It is actually an unusual use case that the same Backup & Sync account would be in use under two different Windows profiles on the same computer, which is why this is the only report of the issue we have. The only workaround would be to use a different Backup & Sync account under your other Windows login. Basically, it's doing this because that's how Windows has to store its portion of the data, and that necessitates the reinstallation in this odd circumstance. I hope the explanation is helpful.
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Thank you for the detailed explanation!  I was rather curious on this one as well!