SecureAnywhere and Browser Upgrades

  • 20 August 2012
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I recently installed SecureAnywhere-Complete on an XP system containing IE7. Shortly, I will be upgrading to IE8.
  1. Should SecureAnywhere (including the Password Manager) migrate seamlessly?  
  2. Should the Webroot toolbar appear on the IE8 display?
  3. Should any SecureAnywhere action be required on my part to support the migration?
Thanks for your help.

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3 replies

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Hey dwechs,
Great questions. :D
1. After the browser upgrade, you will need to install the SecureAnywhere Complete Toolbar Installer. An uninstall/reinstall would essentially work as well. I recommend just using the installer in the link provided.
2. After you run the executable above, yes the toolbar should appear on the IE8 display
3. Only the steps above
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I installed the IE8 upgrade, and the SecureAnywhere Toolbar came up on the display. I was able to log on without incident. Is there any further need to run the WSA Toolbar Installer?  Thanks.
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Nope, it sounds like you are up and running again! :D
Let me know if you need anything and I will be happy to help.