SecureAnywhere for Win XP in 2014?

  • 19 October 2013
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As of August, XP users still composed 37% of the Windows community. After 4/8/14, in the absence of Windows XP patches, can we still depend on SecureAnywhere for protection? While upgrading for me will involve a new PC and O/S, the current XP unit will continue to be used. Thank you.

1 reply

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Webroot has stated they will support XP for the foreseeable future. They won't put down specifics, but I'm guessing minimum until mid 2015. Microsoft will continue to support XP for large customers who pay a lot of money, so there is still an AV market in top-tier business after the public support ends. And businesses don't want to be running a different AV suite on Windows 7 than they do on XP. I'm pretty sure Symantec Antivirus on Windows 2000 still gets updates - I don't think compatibility is anything you need to worry about.
Even if Webroot stops official support it doesn't cost them anything for older client versions to keep checking in. The first version of WSA still works if you wanted to use it for some reason. And it's not like anything is going to break it, considering there won't be any new kernel patches.