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  • 29 April 2012
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Welcome. 4 months have in your laptop Webroot Complete. Generally, every day or every few days I send through a program to analyze a lot of suspicious virus-infected files. The fact - are quickly addressed and dealt with by the program. My question is to you - otherwise how can you transfer files to analyze in more - but after five, because it is a tedious one.

Another question is if I can get the answer - what engines have Webroot? I know that uses the Prevx because it was purchased, but do something else?

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5 replies

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Hi Andrzej76,
Thank you or joining the Community Forum :D
Are you asking if we can analyze and detect more than five infected files? You can scroll down to view the complete list of threats when the software finds infected files and flags them as malicious. This can be done prior to quarantining the threats by scrolling with your mouse-wheel.
To address your second question, we use an improved version of what was formerly known as the Prevx engine as our only engine for scanning. While some software may take a multi-layered approach internally, that is not necessary in Webroot SecureAnywhere because the Webroot engine itself gets the job done quite well.
No, I do not know it, I mean where do I send more than one infected file, because it can only by the program or to a maximum of 10Mb. This is an email address or something like that to send suspicious files for analysis in more and exceeding the 10Mb?
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Thank you for clearing that up! You are right that there is a 10Mb maximum when submitting a file through the software.
In this case, you could open a support ticket where we could send you a log gathering utility. You would be able to submit the malicious file through this utility without the 10Mb maximum.
In the ticket you can explain that you would like to send an infected file to be analyzed by using the log gathering utility. If you create the support ticket you could then do this for future files you wish to submit. You would simply need to update the ticket stating that you have submitted more infected files to be analyzed.
And here's what I mean Mike! Many thanks for the tips. Immediately send a notification.

Forgive me my English, but I'm Polish and I use the translator. I hope you understand what I write. Thank you.
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No problem at all Andrzej76!
It is great to see some variety here in the Webroot Forum. I think we communicated just fine, thanks to technology. ;)
Thank you for your contributions to the Community!