Serious Issues with Password Manager - Users Beware

  • 10 January 2014
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As many of us users know the cost to renew webroot is often cheaper from other vendors than from their own site. I purchased a new key for my account this year and entered it onto all of my PCs before the expiration of the old account. Two days ago I went to access my password manager and it would not allow me to log in. I tried to create a sub user account to see if that would help and no access either. I have been working with thier secure email tech support for two days now and finally got so fed up with the lack of help and information that was being given that I called in to their support group. I was then told this:
The password manager is a third party company that we have little control over. In the event that you allow an account to expire (which apparently happens when a particular key code expires) the account is locked and cannot be accessed - EVER.
Yes thats right, two years of passwords for hundreds of sites are now unavailable to me. The tech guy was just so non-responsive (i.e., had no idea how to help or a solution for what to do) about the issue that I asked to talk to his manager. Of course there is no direct transfer, but I was able to leave a voicemail.
I cannot believe that a company has no way to fix something so simple. I understand the subcontract for the tool, but the lack of ability to update keycodes seamlessly or to escalate issues to the other company is just not acceptable.
If you have any ideas on next steps please let me know.

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Do I have to talk to someone at webroot to change over the keycode associated with my admin account. Seems a bit weird that if I buy a new keycode and everything transfers over to it but my password manager.
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Yes you need to contact support if new keycodes are going to be used if you renewed then there would be no problem but support will be happy to sort this out for you!
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Hello larcklorn and welcome to the Webroot Community!
The reason for it is because the Password Manager is tied to a specfic account. (Incidentally, the Backup&Synch feature of the WSA-Complete version is the same way.)
A single Console can have many key codes on it for management,  and they do not have to all be the same product.  Since you can have AV, Internet Security Plus and Complete key codes all on one Account Console, the individual profiles, on which th permissions are set, must also be set to a specific key code.
The result is that since each profile must be tied to a key code, when a key code expires instead of being renewed a new one is purchased, the profiles need to be re-associated to the new key code.
You will need to submit a Troube Ticket for this as currently only Webroot staff are able to do this.
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There is a certain amount of time between expiration of the key code and deletion of the Password account. I do not know how long that period of time is, however a majority of the time Webroot support is contacted in time.

I very much understand your frustration. I do not know if this will work, but can you still access your password list from the Account Console? You might be able to export the password list to a file and re-import it into the new profile.
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At this time I can log into console with both accounts (Account "A" - previous account with passwords and Account "B" - new account no passwords), but Account A does not allow me access to the password section as it pops up an error message saying it cannot be accessed and to try back in 5 minutes. Account B now allows me access (support at least fixed that piece), but it of course has no passwords listed. Account A was set to expire appartenly on Dec 25th or so. Apparently 15 days is too long to keep it active.
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It might be, have the impression that it is somewhere in the area of 10 to 14 days, but not sure on that  
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Hi larcklorn - I apologize if you had a bad experience and am looking into it now. Please try logging into your old account with the Gmail address to see if the passwords work for you. I should be able to transfer the days remaining to it if we are still wtihin the grace period since the account expired.
Edit: To clarify, I tried reviving the expired online account and keycode to see if we are able to save the passwords and saved data. There is a grace period and no guarantee that this will work (since it has been expired).
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Hey larcklorn - Looks like it worked! 
Thank you so much for your patience. :D
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Right on Mike this is great news!

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And thank you @ for looping me in! :robothappy:
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Team - confirmed that your solution worked - please pass along to your other tech support team members so the other poor souls that encounter this problem dont get told there is nothing that can be done :cathappy:
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I appreciate the constructive feedback. Thank you!
Your reply requires knowledge I don't have. Am I to understand that not only was a solution found, but that the software has been updated to prevent such occurances?
Thank you. 
Hello peterbmetcalf,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
I might first mention that the thread you've responded to is three years old. The password manager software itself (version number) has changed many times since then, but the functionality of the software remains basically the same. The issue the original poster was having was not with the password manager software but rather accessing the passwords themselves (They are not stored locally on your computer but rather are stored in the "Cloud" using 256 bit encryption.)
This occurred because the OP was under the assumption that purchasing a new subscription/keycode is the same as renewing a subscription, but it is not. Info like password information and Backup & Sync files are tied to your keycode, so when you get a new keycode it's like starting over again, unless you let Webroot support know.
The OP was trying to access the password information from his old keycode. Once a keycode expires you have 30 days to contact support and let them know of a new keycode or the information will be lost. Luckily he was within the 30 days and MikeR, who was working for Webroot at that time, was able to help him transfer his passwords to his new keycode. The OP also asked MikeR to be sure and let support know that the password info IS still available after expiration (apparently he was not told about the 30 day grace period.)
I hope my response was able to help answer your questions. If not, or if you have other questions, please let us know and I, or one of us here in the Community will be happy to assist you further. :)
Have a good evening,