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  • 17 December 2013
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I just renewed my WSA Complete and it was suppose to be for 5 PC's for one year at a special price. When I received the email with the invoice, it stated that it was only for three PC's for a higher price. I called sales back and they corrected the payment amount and number of PC's that I could protect, but the new email invoice only showed the corrected price and nothing about the number of PC protection that I was suppose to get. Is there a way to verify how many PC's I am paying for to protect or do I have to call to find out? 

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12 replies

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You should be able to check this online at .  Notice it may take a day or so for the updated information to refelect there.
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I'm looking into this for you right now.
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It didn't look like their changes went through, so I took care of it and have associated a new 5 seat license to your online account.
I've sent the keycode in an email and in a private message. Please activate the new keycode in all of your devices (the old one will be deactivated shortly). 
Please let me know if you need anything! :robothappy:
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I just accessed my web console after activating the new keycode on my main PC and it does not show any PC's protected under PC Security.  My Backups and Passwords all seem to be ok. Does it take a while to show up? :8
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Yes, they will take a while to show up!
I've now deactivated the other keycode.
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Thanks. My PC is now showing under protected PC's.  😃
Even though everything has transfered over and is working with the new keycode, my Web Console under Passwords is showing an orange color with an exclamation point, and says "Your keycode has now expired. To continue accessing Passwords please renew your keycode otherwise your data may be lost." My passwords are working fine,  including the Webroot Toolbar password icon. Will this message eventually go away and go back to a green checkmark? 
It also shows Upgrade/Renew in the upper right hand corner of each tab except for Backup and Sync and Community on my Web Console. If I click the Upgrade/Renew button it takes me to a web page that shows my security selections for WSA Complete; 5 Seats; 0 Years of Protections; and 25GB of Online Storage, all with a total dollar amount of $0.00.

When I click on Checkout Now, it takes me to the next page to fill out billing information, again with a total price of $0.00 but with my old keycode that you deactivated and final checkout. Is this going to stay like this, or will it take a few days to transfer everything over to the new keycode?

As I said in the beginning, everything appears to be working with the new keycode

As an FYI, I also have Lucas in tech support working on a scheduled scan issue I am experiencing.
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Thanks for the additional input JD. I was able to resolve this password issue on the back end, please let me know if it is working correctly.
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Hi Mike,
The Password issue has been resolved, but the PC Security and Mobile Security tabs still show the Upgrade/Renew  feature on the upper right side of the tab.
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I found a device that haden't checked into the cloud for some time and I removed it. Please let me know if this clears up the flag on the PC Security tab.
Did you update your mobile device to the new keycode? 
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The PC Security and Mobile Security tabs still show the flags. I don't have a mobile smart phone or tablet etc so I have never utilzied the Mobile Security feature.
Currently I am also only running one PC and PC Security tab is showing it even though the Upgrade/Renwel flag is still showing..
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We will need to take a closer look into your online account. Are you still working with Lucas? If so, you can mention the notifications on your online account to him and he can have one of our technicians take a closer look. If you have not activated mobile protection, you should not be receiving an error or yellow flag. It should look like the image below.

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No they are still showing the yellow flag on the tab. I will mention it to Lucas
Also how can I post a picture of the tab on my message? I don't have an insert picture function when I send a message