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  • 24 September 2012
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On my start up Webroot Security Complete the left hand selection in the System Tools tab is not there. How does that work. I needed an upgrade and had been receiving the ret stripe error=10 message. After the update and reinstal I no longer have that message appearing.
That's good but the System Tools tabe selection "System Analysis" is no longer available.

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Hi boyerdus,
The SecureAnywhere interface has changed for the 2013 product (it was actually introduced a few versions back in the 2012 product). The tabs are now at the top and that includes the "System Tools" tab (second from the last). If you click on it, you will see the options on the left side of the screen. "System Analyzer" is the third one down. You can then click "run" and Webroot will perform a system analysis on your computer. Is this the feature you are asking about?
Let me know! Thanks!
Nope not there. I think I did not get 2013?? Not sure. I know the tab System Tools when clicked does not offer the choice called System Analyze.
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Hi boyerdus,
While Webroot should have updated automatically, an un/reinstall should get you on the 2013 product if you don't already see that interface. What are the tabs that you currently see at the top of the screen and what options come up on the left hand side when you click  on the "System Tools" tab?
Let me know!
This is what is on my Webroot Secure Anywhere start tabs.
Overview; PC Security; Identity & Privacy; Backup & Sync; System Tools; My Account
The choices under System Tools are: System Cleaner; System Control; Reports; Submit a File
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Hi boyerdus,
That's strange as you should have the System Analyzer option showing in the "System Tools" tab. I would like you to try uninstalling and reinstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere to see if that resolves the problem. I've sent instructions to you in a Private Message (as we want to keep personal info like keycodes out of the public-facing forums). Please let me know if the un/re does the trick!
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Hey boyerdus,
Thanks for updating me in the private message. I'm happy to hear that you didn't even have to try un/reinstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere! That means all is working properly now and the product is updating automatically as intended! :D
Hope that all goes smoothly now with your subscription and that you have no more issues. Please continue to post here on the forums and let us know if you have any more questions! We're here to help!