The passwords account manager won't prepare.

  • 20 February 2016
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I have just carried out a new install of Internet Security Complete however the passwords account manager won't 'prepare.
The set up is permanently stuck on preparing.

1 reply

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Hi MAB001
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I presume that you are seeing this when you go into the web console (HERE) and try to go into the Password side of the console?  
If that is the case please cancel that and try to access to Password section more directly by clicking on the Password Manager tab in the WSA client and then clicking on the grey shield icon labelled 'Manage Password'. That should take you directly into the Password Management section once you have sign in. You should initially see the following message:
"If you're not redirected within a couple of seconds, please click here to continue to Passwords"
See if that process finishes. If it does it should take you straight into the Password Manager aware that you may see the page presented with a progress bar showing the loading process only partly completed. This should only cover the first page of password data and if you have more than a page you should be able to scroll down and access the passwords on the subsequent pages. When I just tried this I did that and further to editing an entry the progress bar disappeared and I was able to fully access the data.
If the above does not help then you will need to Open a Support Ticket as this is trying to access the Webroot Cloud and this is an area that we volunteers have no access to what so ever.
Hope that something above is of assistance?  Please do let us know how you get on as we have had a number of similar issues reported and so it would be good to hear what and how they are resolved...for future reference.
Many thanks in anticipation.
Regards, Baldrick