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  • 13 June 2012
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Hello forumfolks!
Yesterday I bought Webroot Anywhere Complete, cause I thought it would be even better than my trusted security program (don't know if it's allowed, so I won't mention the name of the program) and because I can do without spam control and parental control. Really don't need these 2 features.
But as it seems, I'm going to miss my trusted security program, because Webroot is giving me troubles, namely with it's toolbar. I'm using Internet Explorer 9 and every time I'm logging in a red bar appears, after a few seconds, telling me that my server connection is disabled (error 10) and I have to shut this bar down manually before I can go on surfing with my logged in toolbar.
Another pet peeve is the fact that I have to log in my Webroot toolbar every time I open my browser, to be able to use the password manager. My trusted other security program was much better at that point, cause I only had to log in the first time I opened my browser and then it just stayed that way untill I shut down or restarted my computer. I really would like Webroot to do the same. Is there an option for it, and have I just overlooked it? Please help me out here. Thanks. 

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Lately when this error has been occurring, it seems evident there are remnants of the 2011 version of the toolbar present.  I have seen this resolved in two ways so far.
1. Click on the toolbar, go to Tools, and choose to Clear Local Cache.  That was reported to have fixed the problem in at least one case.
2. Uninstalling and reinstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere fixed the problem in other cases where this was reported
If neither of those suggestions help, please follow up with us by creating a support ticket.
Thanks JimM for answering so quickly! And your suggestion to uninstall and install Webroot again helped! 😃 The red bar doesn't appear anymore!
I must say... this saves Webroot from being deleted in favour of my previous trusted security program... 😛 And.. I will have to get used to logging in every time I open my browser... :@
Oh well. We'll see.
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On one hand it's admittedly kind of a pain to sign in every time you open the browser. But on the other hand, you are that much more protected. If you're actually at the computer using it, auto-sign-in is great. But if you're away and a guest of yours walks up, opens the browser, and starts going around to sites automatically signed-in as you, that's not so good. It might not even be malicious, but they could be doing stuff thinking it will give them a chance to sign in as them and instead you're already signed in. That can make for an awkward situation if they click "share" on the wrong thing. And what if the guest is actually an intruder? Thanks to the password requirement, if you've remembered to close the browser and an intruder gains access to your computer, he doesn't also gain access to sign into your online banking for instance. It's sort of like not leaving the keys in the ignition when you walk into the convenience store. Probably nobody is going to try to steal your car, but why make it extra easy on them if they do?
Yeah JimM, think you've got a point there. On the other hand, it's not so easy to get used to another program, if you've been served by one for years without problems, auto-sign-in and all. And what's 'auto' if you can choose for it like I could. Webroot doesn't let me.
Anyway. As I said, Webroot's working now as it should and I'll see if it can keep me safe and satisfied. ;)
Thanks for the discussion and solution.