Unable to login to http://my.webrootanywhere.com

  • 9 April 2020
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Hello Community,


I went thru the registration and account creation process on the site; http://my.webrootanywhere.com; after successfully registering and creating my account I attempted to login to http://my.webrootanywhere.com (I also have 2FA enabled); as soon as I enter my email address, userid password and then my 2FA code the site flashes the following error: “You have been logged out. Again I am trying to login to http://my.webrootanywhere.com so I have no idea when I am trying to login into the site it logs me out.


Any suggestions of how to resolve this error. I tried IE, Firefox and MS Edge on either laptoop, tablet, phone, Mac or Windows OS and still having the same issue.


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1 reply

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Hey @MaltaVista001 ,

Welcome to the Webroot community! 

I’m sorry to hear you’re having an issue logging into the website. Sounds like your 2FA code may need a reset. It’s hard to say since I do not have a view into the back-end of login attempts. Please reach out to our SUPPORT TEAM for assistance with this.