Unable to use Web Console and receive support emails

  • 19 June 2020
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Sorry to bother, but I spent 2 days trying to find a solution here as I haven’t gotten a response from the message I sent to Customer Support.  Any help will be much appreciated with the following issues:

  • Account Activation Needed appears periodically and when I activate it, I am sent to the create a new account page.  Program itself indicates that my status is active & recognizes the keycode that I used to renew. 
  • Web Console will let me log in, but immediately logs me out back to the log in page.  No error codes are indicated
  • When trying to reach customer support, I am prompted with message that wants a password as they have already reached me, but I have not received any emails from them nor have I gotten an email when I clicked “forgot password”   ( I check my spam and blocked email contact list to see if there was a problem there)

By the way, I really like using Webroot and know the issues I have can be corrected.  I have a feeling I created havoc when I didn’t renew my account the way Webroot was suggesting.  I bought the keycode at a retail store and I didn’t uninstall the old program when entering the new one. 


Thanks for your time!





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Hey there @Feeling Locked Out ,

Can you please DM me with the email attached to your account? I’ll ping support and ask them if they can give your ticket some higher priority. 



You have to call Technical Support to help you with this issue.

Apparently there is some sort of filter that blocks out the Webroot emails, especially if you have a yahoo or sbcglobal one.  We could have gone through the tedious steps to work with the designated address, but he said could reset the activation process so I can use another email address. It’s the easier way to go for sure.  He asked security questions for verification before he reset my account.  I uninstalled the existing Webroot and reinstalled the program as if I was starting from scratch.    I reactivated my account using a gmail address and everything is working fine now.  You need to receive that initial email to activate the account.