Uprgade to Windows 10

  • 1 August 2016
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Hello All!
I recently upgraded several computers to Windows 10. Now, when I go to my console, it says that they are expired.  I know they are not expired since I can confirm active subscription on the actual computer's Webroot control panel.
When I log on to the Console, under PC Security, It says:
2 PCs Protected (1expired)
0 PCs Needs Attention
0 PCs Encountered a Threat (last 24 hours)
When I click "Go to PC Security" the next page shows 3 computers and they have exclamation points on them and they are expired.  How do I get them to say the proper subscription status and manage them?
Thanks in advance for your help.

1 reply

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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
I assume you got it from Webroot Directly and not a Subscription from Best Buy? Please Submit a Support Ticket and they will sort this out for you! Just to let you know I have never had any issues upgrading to Windows 10 from another OS only if you change a Hard Drive or something alike.
Daniel 😉