URGENT: WSA-Complete Backup & Sync Disabling Itself

  • 10 October 2015
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Only one user on my system, so it would be interesting to check that. ;)
Hello all,
Well, sad to say that B&S has turned itself off again. :(  (After a clean install and creating all new sync folders. Restarting Webroot did not work this time either [has in past]. Will need to uninstall/clean install again. :@
I will go ahead and submit a ticket with a link to this thread. I just answered a post here today from another user experiencing the same problem. I will post back with any relevant information I receive from support when I hear back from them.
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Hi BurnDaddy! 
Well ill this isn't good news is it. Yes let us know what Support saids. I haven't had this problem for quite awhile.
Well this is interesting...
When I click on the the link for support I'm asked for my email address. When I enter my email address it then tells me that support has already had contact with this email address and to enter my password if I wish to continue that conversation.
Well, for one; The contact I had with Webroot was for a totally different, Android-related problem that I had months ago and I do not remember the unique password that was given to me regarding that support ticket. Any email I received from Webroot regarding that issue has since been deleted since the issue was resolved (sort of).  And two; I don't want to continue that conversation. I want to initiate a new dialog regarding the B & S problem, however, I'm unable to. Clicking continue does nothing without the password from my previous support ticket. :@
If ? could please PM me when you get into the office on Wednesday I would greatly appreciate it.
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Hi BurnDaddy:
Are you saying you are not getting this page aftyer typing in your email address?

Hi Sherry,
Yet another mystery. When I click the "Submit Trouble Ticket" link at the bottom of either your or my signature and I get the following page;

Then, after entering email, I get this page;

That's odd...
I will change the support link in my signature to include the link you provided. Thanks for that. Strangely, I've never seen that support page before. I will use it now to submit that ticket (and refresh my link).
Have a good night, Sherry. Thanks again,
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Sounds good ? You are always welcome! :D
You have a good night too! Thank you much!
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So are you good to go on the ticket submission @ ?

I re-escalated this issue again yesterday and hopefully we'll be able to get some traction on getting this bug a higher priority.
@ wrote:
So are you good to go on the ticket submission @ ?

I re-escalated this issue again yesterday and hopefully we'll be able to get some traction on getting this bug a higher priority.
Yes, all set @, submitted a ticket last night.
Thanks for your attention to this matter!
Ok. So, Webroot Support got back to me today. This was what they said;
Thank you for contacting Webroot Support.

The issue you reported can be resolved by either restarting your computer or re-logging into the Backup & Sync feature of your Webroot software.

To re-login to your software:

1. Open the Webroot SecureAnywhere interface.
2. Open the Backup & Sync tab.
3. At the bottom of the window, click Log in as a different user.
4. Enter the login credentials for your account and click Log in.
5. A window appears to confirm your login and download any necessary components.

Once you have performed these steps you should no longer receive the error.  If you need any further support, please send us another message and we will continue to assist.

Thank you,

The Webroot Support Team

We believe support is no longer needed for this issue, so the ticket has been closed. If you would like further support for this issue, you can reopen the ticket by either replying to this email directly or updating the ticket in your Webroot Console. To access your console, click the link below or copy and paste it into your browser:


And this was my response:
Hi,Thanks for your reply. However it does nothing to address the CAUSE of the problem and only provides solutions for restarting B&S (which I've already done - restart, re-login). These suggestions are only temporary fixes and DO NOT stop the problem from reoccurring. After a few days, B&S will shut itself off again. As stated in the thread, I have uninstalled/reinstalled numerous times and yet the problem persists. I should NOT have to check Webroot EVERYDAY to be sure that B&S is running. It ran flawlessly for 3-4 years, but this problem has now been occurring  for at least 6 or 8 months and it is sometimes WEEKS before I notice. This is unacceptable. You may believe that "support is no longer needed for this issue" but that would be simply sticking your head in the sand and pretending that a problem doesn't exist when it obviously does. As a volunteer in the Webroot Community, I would really like to be able to give users/posters a definitive answer as to how to SOLVE this problem and not just a band-aid approach to restarting B&S after it SHUTS ITSELF DOWN (I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to do that.) Whether or not any progress is made regarding the problem is entirely up to you at Webroot. I would think you want your product to work as advertised (and as it has in the past) but this problem doesn't seem to be a very high priority for Webroot and I think it should be. Telling users to "just deal with it" does not seem like a successful or positive business approach. This problem requires solutions, not work-arounds. I apologize if my reply seems a little blunt but myself and other users are beginning to tire of this problem a would really like a meaningful, long-term solution. Something broke B&S. Surely it can be fixed.

Obviously, I felt their response lacking. This must not be a very common or high-priority problem. Perhaps it is time for me to investigate other "Cloud-based" backup solutions until this is, if ever, resolved, and simply use Webroot to do what they do best, protect my computer from viruses.