vulnerable to CVE-2016- 2059, 0503, 2504 and 5340.

  • 10 August 2016
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According to Quadrooter scan my Samsung S7 is vulnerable to CVE-2016-2059,0503,2504 and 5304, Does my  Webroot  protect me from these?

2 replies

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dougt8948, which version of Android is running on your S7? I have a Galaxy S6 running Android 6.0.1 and a scan with the quadrooter app comes up as safe and not vulnerable to these exploits, may be worth checking for an update for your phone O/S if it's not running this version of Android,
I'm not sure whether Webroot protects against this or not but I'm sure someone more knowldgeable will be along to advise on this shortly.
This vulnerability only impacts specific phones due to the hardware so its a software update specific to hardware on your phone that has to be addressed by whomever is pushing the software to you.  I have the Nexus 6 and even after going to Android 7 I have one of the vulnerabilities and I get my updates directly from Google.  So its simply a matter of waiting until its patched through a security update.  If you look at the version of the software on your phone what matters is the Android security patch level.  You can read more about it at this link.