Wanted............technical knight in shining armour

  • 19 October 2013
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Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Since I uninstalled the nasty Mc internet explorer won't work :$
It just says "page cannot be displayed"  
Deary me.....   What now?? 😞 ally
PS  It now says that my DNS server might be unavailable??????
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Today it's back as normal
Kindly regards Ally
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Hello Ally,
Sorry about the issue you had above I would assume it was alright after you did a reboot? Most times then there is an issue a reboot would usually resolve the problem and are you using a Laptop?
Daniel 😉
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Thanks Daniel..........
Yes I'm using a Del Latitude laptop and last night after I reebooted it was still playing up......but this morning things were back to normal????? (relief) so who knows...........just delighted it''s back........and thanks again for your reply....this community is great. :D
Kindly Ally
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Yes very strange as Uninstalling the Unwanted Add-ons should not cause any issues also if see here I always post updates to Adobe Flash, Air and Java Updates and always warn users to look out for unwanted add-ons every time!
Thanks and take care,
Daniel 😉