WebRoot exceptions for software developers

  • 25 October 2019
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Developers in my company are having problems with WebRoot creating excessively large log files due to endlessly scanning the executables they are building, testing and running.

This goes a bit beyond a regular exception policy, because the executables they create are of course literally brand new every time they start them. I imagine this situation is common for software developers using WebRoot (if there are any), so can anyone point me to the best solution?



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Hello @jaap.vandervelde,


Please contact support. The best solution will depend on your environment.

You could try removing the exclusions - if you are not seeing compatibility issues the exclusions may not be necessary. 




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I will have our IT department contact support, as they control configuration of the tool. But the main thing I came here for was to know if there’s some feature or functionality I can have support ask for directly and to read the documentation on it, before actually asking them.

I appreciate that the best solution for anyone isn’t the best solution for everyone, but surely this is something that’s not automatically “complicated”?

What mechanism would typically be used in these instances? I.e. what our users are seeing is excessive growth of WebRoot log files due to incessant scanning of executables that are executed and modified frequently on the developer’s system. The log files quickly grow to about 25% of the total file size of files on the system - while there’s literally no value to them.

If something simple like signing the code before executing, or setting up exceptions for certain zones on the system are the right way to go in general, I’d very much like to know. If there are questions on how to implement, I’ll be sure to have IT contact support directly.