Webroot filtering software on version v9.0.3.37 keeps crashing my browser.

  • 20 September 2015
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Webroot filtering software on version v9.0.3.37 keeps crashing my browser.  Is there a fix in the works yet?  I read this happens to IE11 and Firefox 40.0.3.  The only remedy (now) is to disable the add-on which I would prefer not to do.  Is there another WR update planned to resolve this issue?  Thanks!

3 replies

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Hi wescoman
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Indeed, there is a lot of work going on this and new versions are currently being tested in the Beta channel so hopefully there should be some good news in this area shortly...but as to exactly when it is hard to say at present.
To be honest disabling the addon/extension is not a major issue IMHO as all it provides is the reputation information about sites as a result of the searches in Google or Biing...the actual protection is done by the WSA client and therefore even with the addon disabled you are very well protected in terms of one's browsing.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you for the prompt reply.  I appreciate it. 
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Hi wescoman
You are most welcome...best to keep an eye out for updates as to developmenst in this area.
Regards, Baldrick