Webroot Installer - 2 instances in startup

  • 10 February 2013
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I've noticed two instances of "Webroot Installer" in my Startup programs in the task manager on Windows 8.  Both appear identical and are listed as High Startup Impact.  The program named in Properties is wruninstall.exe.  What are they for?  Why are there two?  Can they safely be disabled?

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Welcome to the Forums jcd!
I also have found those in my startup, and I am not quite sure what they are for either.  I have done some looking around, however, and found that they may be connected to the Password Management toolbar, and intended to ensure that the most current version of the toolbar is installed,
I found some information that indicates they may be required for the Password Management to work.
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As for removing them from the startup, I am not positive myself, but they may be required.  
Hopefully someone with more knowledge of this issue will chime in with more information.
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To Quote [url=]JoeJ the V.P. of Devolpment [/url]these are required.   I've found the answer to this: these shortcuts are required. They're part of the WSA branded Lastpass to ensure it can load into each user account on startup, otherwise you may not be able to use it in each browser for each user. This looks to be a fairly recent change as I have them on my system as well, but the intent is to make the user switching process more reliable so that it always works in each browser. Hope that helps!

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I only have one user account on my laptop, but I do use 2 different browsers - Firefox and Chrome. Perhaps the browsers are causing what appears to be duplicate startups. I'll leave them alone.

Thanks for your advice.
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I would leave them both alone: Different browsers require different toolbar code.
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I strongly recommend to let them intact. I deleted them when they occurred in the startup folder for the first time and I had to reinstall WSA in order to get Backup & Sync work properly again. So the lesson learned :D
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I'd like to have more control over these two startup entries, since they can confuse some applications that handle the startup process. An option to cleanly disable them directly from WSA for example, for those that do not use these toolbars. No need to add unnecesary startup items to Windows.
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As I said above they are needed for the Password Manager and are Required so it's just best to leave them there and not to disable them.
Daniel ;)

I already have another password manager so don't need Webroot for that.  Would there still be a problem with disabling them?  
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Hi cathy,
You can disable PW Manager in the browser that you are using. It won't hurt Webroots performance if that's what you are asking. Do not disable the Webfilter though. Ok?