Webroot's scan time is really good

  • 15 May 2019
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I recently installed the trial version of Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete for testing purposes because I had not used Webroot before. I noticed that the deep scans take less than 4 minutes. That's incredibly fast. I'm impressed by its speed. Are you sure it scans everything? It doesn't seem to find any threats on my PC, which is suspicious. 🤔

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3 replies

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Hello @Lucian Hodoboc and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

This is normal as WSA only scans areas where malware would likely hide but be sure that WSA is always looking for bad files with it's Realtime Shield!

Types of Shields

SecureAnywhere includes the following types of shields:
  • Realtime shield — Monitors unknown programs to determine whether or not they contain threats. Blocks known threats from running on your computer that are listed in Webroot’s threat definitions and in our community database. You should never disable this shield.
  • Rootkit shield — Blocks rootkits from being installed on your computer and removes any that are present.
  • Web shield — Blocks known threats encountered on the Internet and displays a warning. The Web shield maintains information on more than 200 million URLs and IP addresses to comprise the most accurate and comprehensive data available for classifying content and detecting malicious sites.
  • USB shield — Monitors an installed USB flash drive for threats, blocks and removes any threats that it finds.
  • Offline shield — Protects your system from threats while your computer is not connected to the Internet.

And WSA's Identity Shield is second to none:

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I believe this is the test virus file you can use to test if Webroot catches it. It's provided by webroot, so you should be safe. I should also say that if your install of Webroot isn't set-up correctly, there's always the chance to get hit by a virus.
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FYI, I tested the file before posting it for you to use. I don't want to infect your machine! I'm using the business version of Webroot, so it took a few minutes to register, but it caught it as Webroot's Test File.