Webroot Secure Anywhere disconnect

  • 29 April 2020
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Why dies Webroot Secure Anywhere disconnect when I shut down my computer and have to reconnect when I start up my computer? Why is it not securing my computer  continuously? 

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3 replies

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Hey there @ldmosser ,

Are you talking about Webroot Secure Anywhere or the Webroot VPN (wifi security)? 

When you say it’s disconnecting when you shut down your computer - can you clarify? Are you having to manually “Turn on” Webroot every time you turn on your computer?

Oh I thought it is Webroot Secure Anywhere not Webroot VPN but on the bottom webroot icon it does show WiFi Security(Connected to Canada) .

After I have finished my session on the computer and power shut down or put the computer to sleep when I start the computer up later on a webroot box will come up on the computer screen with a connect bar at the bottom to reconnect.  I tap connect and it reconnects and it shows at the bottom right of the screen the WiFi Security(Connected to Caqnada),

I do not have to manually “Turn on” Webroot every time I turn on my computer. 

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@ldmosser ,

That is normal behavior for the VPN - I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about here.