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  • 24 March 2015
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when installed, does webroot automatically override other securities such as mcafee?

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Hello dpbazz,
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WSA is designed, from the ground up, to complement & work with all other major security applications, something it does with only a couple of known exceptions, and that does not include McAfee
But this is what I do know:....
At Webroot, we'll let you know you up front that you don't have to run WSA alongside another anti-virus program, but we're proud to have the technology to be able to run alongside other anti-virus programs.  This way if you choose to double down on your anti-virus protection, you won't end up in a situation in which our program and some other anti-virus program bicker over who quarantines what and when, which could easily result in a situation where neither program quarantines anything.  WSA anticipates the behavior of other anti-virus solutions and allows them to go first.  If they do nothing or not enough, then WSA steps in.  Look Here at the KB article.
Hope this helped and if not please get back to us.
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