Webroot vs Windows Defender 2018

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With Microsoft improving there Windows Defender product what is the better of the two. Should I renew my Webroot Complete subscription or go the free route with Windows Defender and run malwarebytes free alongside it. What is your opinion on it and if stick with Webroot why?

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Good question hburandt1. I have a Webroot subscription as well as the Malwarebytes freebie. Windows Defender is  periodically running in the background .Been using this set up for a number of years without any issues.
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Hello hburandt1,
I go by how the Company Supports their product and the protection it gives my computers, PC and Mac.
I have been running WSA since it was first launched. I've been running WSA on the Mac since I bought it 2 years ago. About 5 years ago I was having problems with Backup & Sync. I called Webroot Support and they did a remote on my computer and fixed the problem within a few minutes. If I have questions I put a Support Ticket in and it's answered within 24 hours. A few times it only took about 20 minutes for an answer. I have also been on this forum since it was first launched and have seen many people say the same thing about Webroot Support. I have never been infected while running WSA. To me it all boils down to Protection and Support. I feel very comfortable with WSA for protection and Support, but the choice is yours. ;)
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Thank you for the response. I' m very sceptical with the software i put on my computer and everybody has mixed reviews on Webroot and Windows Defender. With all the data leaks anymore you cant be to safe :D
Your answer here will more than likely be biased. Look where you are posting this.
Greetings to you User46 and congratulations for being amongst the many many thousands and thousands of satisfied Webroot customers. Your recent post is valuable to all newbies to Webroot so give yourself a big pat on the back. Fact is.... Windows Defender 2018 is a fair Internet Security addition but as time goes on you will experience first hand just how excellent Webroot is at preventing the bad guys from taking hold of your computer.
Its a good thing to have Webroot and the Forum members on your side. If you have any pertinent questions or problems that arise, please don't hesitate to post them.

The last time I called Microsoft for support, they directed me to a web page where i would type the description of my problem and provide a credit card number to which they would charge $499.00/hr to help me.