I am having awful trouble getting this site to work. I have a 5 license web root complete and have it activated on 1 PC and 4 laptops. The initial setup took ages as it didnt recognise the codes then issued about 3 new ones but eventually got it all setup on them.
However if I go to the website there is nothing there I checked under manage keycodes and it had one of the old trial codes - weird - so I added the code from my PC to it. It now says its active for 307 days but when I go to PC security there is no PCs listed at all, if I add a PC it then asks me to buy a new code.....
The webrrot software appears to be running fine on all devices and says its active on them all so why do none of them show under my account?
Or am I just being dim 🙂

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Hey barafundle,
Sorry to hear you're having problems with your Webroot account. Nevertheless, you're definitely at the right place to get help! Welcome to the Community. :D
I looked up your subscription and it looks like you are still running Webroot Internet Security Complete, which is our 2011 software. That being said, however, you also have a keycode for Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete, albeit one for a 14 day trail that expired back in February. To clear things up a bit, there are two things I'd like to know before we investigate further:
1. What version of Webroot do you have on your computers? You can easily determine this by the color of the icon. The 2011 product has a purple icon with a green keyhole and the 2012 product has a green icon with a "W". Now it is completely possible that you may have both on at once, which can definitely cause a conflict. You can also search "Webroot" from your Start menu and check that way if you are not seeing the icons for some reason.
2. What website are you using to access your account? This site is for the 2011 product, while this other site is for Webroot SecureAnywhere 2012 accounts.
Also, can you Private Message me your keycode just to make sure we're on the same page?
Its a green W with a lock on it and is the only webroot software installed on any of the machines. I also sent in a support ticket and they have now sent me yet another key code so just changing that on all the devices and fingers crossed it will work this time. Will pm you my details as well
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Hi barafundle,
I looked up your support ticket and everything looks sorted out now. The new keycode and number of days you have on your subscription is all up to date and our system now shows the correct Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete product associated with that new keycode.
Now, all you have to do is create a new "MyWebroot" account. You can do that here. Just click the "Sign Up Now" box and fill in the blanks. It's pretty straightforward, but make sure to use a different email address along with the new keycode when you register.
Hope that resolves your issue and you have no more problems using the account! Let me know if there's anything else I can answer for you!
Yes I have created a new account with diff email address and so far changed keycode on 3/5 machines and it looks like it is now working properly
Thanks to yourself and your support section
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Hello barafundle and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! :D
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Hello barafundle, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
Glad to see that you have your problem sorted out. If you have any other questions or comments, don't hesitate to post them. Questions to problems are answered fast on this forum! 😃