Why is Webroot SecureAnywhere blocking all my downloads?

  • 12 January 2015
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I've tried every away I can think of to bypass, but I can't even open attachments to my email.  I've already completely diabled Windows firewall but nothing changes.  If I can't find a solution I'll have to find a different security package for my computers.

3 replies

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Hello and Welcome to the Community Forum,
May I ask what downloads are being blocked? Is Adobe being blocked and what not?
Have a look here at the User Guide, and go HERE and Here
 if your emaii is being blocked and none of this helps then I'm advising a clean reinstall of Webroot.
 Please follow the steps closely!
  • Make sure you have a copy of your Keycode
  • KEEP the computer online for Uninstall and Reinstall to make sure it works correctly
  • Download a Copy Here (Best Buy Subscription PC users click HERE)
  • Uninstall WSA and Reboot
  • Install with the new installer, enter your Keycode and don't import any settings as you can set it up as you like once it's done
  • Let it finish it's install scan
  • Reboot once again
Please let us know if that resolves your issue?
All downloads are blocked as well as email attachments.  Example:  Could not download insurance cards from my insurance company.
Your initial suggestions were of no help.
Attempted to download new software per your instructions, but that download was blocked as well.  I have a hard copy of software that I'll use to reload.
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Hi rc182pilot
I am not sure about the fact that you are say ing that you are unable to downmload the new installer from the Webroot site, but in general this sort of thing generally is due to the user downloading the installers from third-party download sites that install additional, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) along with the software that you are trying to install. We recommend only downloading software from the official download sites for the products on the software companies websites whenever possible. You can read more about this here. The post is specific to browsers but the same applies to all applications. 
Once you have reinstalled from your hard copy try to download the new installer from the Webroot site, then if that is successful try to download another installer from one of the sites that you could not from previously.  If that does not work then try the same but from the author's website or the 3rd party site that the author recommends.
And then let us know the results...we will be interested to hear as to what you find
Many thanks in anticipation.
Regards, Baldrick